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Planning Board

12 June 2019


I. Approval of April 2019 meeting minutes

II. Nomination and appointment of new Planning Board chairperson

III. Site Plan Review
Application of Robert Gerstner, 7 Blinco Road, Tax Map No.: 186.03-1-1.111

IV. Review of Proposed Local Law 2-2019: Town Board's proposed amendments to Local Law 1-2017 entitled, "Renewable Energy Systems"

V. Adjournment

Present: Chuck Proffitt, Kermit Mott, Larry Hoell, George Lang, Barb (?), Nick Cortese
(There will be a public comment period before final approval of new laws)

(II.) Kermit was named new chair, Barb appointed secretary

(III.) They applicant wants to put a building on 1/2 acre for a farm stand off Rt. 41 on Blinco Road (apple orchard). They tabled discussion until they get some questions answered, so it can be voted on next month.

(IV.) They reviewed a copy of a letter from the planning board to the town board that was signed by Carl Krantz, Chuck Proffitt, and Kermit Mott.

George asked Nick if we make changes to the law are they taken into consideration by the siting board. Nick answered that they will have to consider the new law, and that they should keep in mind Calpine can argue the law is unreasonably burdensome. Then the decision will be up to the siting board.

change made to clarify participating vs. non-participating land owners

question about the height of the turbine, is it the height of the tower plus the blade at a vertical position?

Oquaga Lake will be protected?

Non-commercial turbines can be added w/o a special permit if under specific height

Minimal set back is currently 1.25 times the height of the turbine, the town board proposed increasing that to 1.50. Kermit and the planning board agreed that a better set back would be 3 times the height of the turbine.

They proposed a minimum distance from the blade tip to the ground at 30 feet.

WECS (Wind Energy Conversion System aka turbine) apparently we are changing the name because turbine has negative connotations.

Calpine has to have elevations of turbines with justifications for height and placement.

They set up a time limit for Calpine to respond to complaints - within 10 days. Some discussion about when the time would start.

FAA light plan

Decommissioning plan

draft EIS, routes for delivery

potential for shut down during times of flicker

Noise analysis - still going to be outside wall of residence

Ice throw

Tower failure

PVG: should have NYS licensed appraiser, plans to make the property owner whole (Nick of course was against this - oh wait! I thought he was only here to say if they were doing something illegal!)

Fire response

Interference with wireless communications

Excessive run off, water contamination

Bird and bat impact study

Visual, health, safety impact

Siting of individual units

Noise shall not exceed 45 dB(A) at outside wall of residence. WHO recommends 40 dB(A) so they want the new law to reflect that.

10 April 2019


Calpine is to meet with the planning board for an additional wind measuring tower on North Sanford Road.  So far they have not shown for any scheduled meetings and they do need to meet with the planning board before they can go ahead with construction. They were supposed to be at this meeting as well as a few previous ones. It was indicated that the planning board will not be giving them fast track permissions. The permit for the existing wind metering towers was a 18-24 month permit. It was not renewed and has expired.  A letter has been drafted and sent to the town board for those towers to be removed. 

As far as the turbine project, the planning board was not a part of the project which violates local laws as written. 

A letter will be sent to the board that they must insure public health and safety. Any renewable energy sources need to be shielded to prevent any possibility of EMP and CMP.  They will be asking the board for a moratorium until these concerns are addressed. 

There were questions raised about the proposed batch plant including washing trucks.

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